AGM - Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 8PM

St-Labre 200 Inc. invites the public to:


All D's Restaurant & Lounge

Unit 104

320 Main Street



  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Approval of last AGM minutes
  4. Chairperson's report
  5. Treasurers report
  6. Old business
  7. Election of new committee
  8. History of "Giving Back to the Community"
  9. Distribution of funds to the "Giving Back to the Community" 2014 recipients
    1. South East - Habitat for Humanity
    2. Anna's House
    3. Sprague and District Historical Museum
Camping Spots Galore!

More camping spots have been available as the demand has been great.   "This year is shaping up to be the best of them yet,  I can't believe how much work this community puts in preparing the site."  - Jason Funk

Please remember the following when coming down to the St. Labre 200.
-Lawn Chairs
-Bug Spray
-Sun Screen
-Umbrella or Sun shade
-Camcorder or Camera
-Noise makers
-Cash(Unfortunately we do not have interac) The nearest ATM will be at the Woodridge Inn or Marchand Hotel.
-Remember there is an opportunity for all to participate in the Calcutta during the Day Saturday at $10 a share.
-You also have an opportunity to contribute to the fireworks show or purchase your own.
-A fully stocked Canteen will be available on site.
-Bathing Suit for the on Site semi private showers

Sunday morning - free breakfast!

Drive safe and we'll see you in St. Labre

Pist'N Broke

Congratulation to Pist'N Broke who won the Best Sleep Centre Spark Plug Cup.

Directions to St. Labre 200

Thank you to all our 2014 sponsors:

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Update as of July 7th, 2014

  • Disregard July 6th Post.
  • Tire issue has been resolved and everyone will have the new updated tires.
  • 2 tires will be setup for tubes and split rims
  • 2 tires will be setup for valve stems and solid rims.

2014 -  Material List.pdf

Updates as of July 6th, 2014

  • The tires are still a major concern this year as we are unable to get any better tires in the quantity we need soon enough
  • Teams are always encouraged to research and consider different options to making your tires last longer as in: foam filling, liquid hardening rubber filling, running on higher pressures.   (The committee doesn't know what the right answer is to make these tires last longer but wants teams to know that the tires seem to be of much lower quality than the past years.) 
2014 - St. Labre 200 Rules

Rules as of July 3rd, 2014.

Download 2014-Rules-StLabre200.pdf

Things to note:

  • Qualifying Laps:  All certified carts will lineup at the end of the pit area.  Carts will be let on the track in a staggered fashion so as to let the time keepers be able to time two carts at a time.  As one cart leaves the track another will be let on the track.  Once you leave the track your qualifying attempt is complete.  Carts may do as many laps as they want but they must keep in mind they only have the fuel that is left to start the race.
  • Boundary Marker Penalty:  Hitting boundary markers are cause for marshalls to send a cart to the 15 second penalty box.  This year much of the track will be marked out with plastic foldable pipes so as to be less dangerous than tires.  Barriers will still be in place after the boundary markers but a gap between the markers and the primary barrier will be in place.
  • Race Start:  This year we are honored to have olympian gold medalist Jocelyne Laroque to start the race.   Jocelyne will lead all the carts with her pace cart and leave the track through the pit area.  There shall be no passing of any carts while the pace cart is on the track and until your cart has passed the start/finish line.
2014 - Arm Wrestling Event

The St. Labre 200 is pleased to announce the addition of the arm wrestling to its many lists of events.

This event is sanctioned by Manitoba Arm Wrestling and all participants have a chance to earn points.

Individuals may enter 1 arm for $15 or both arms for $25.

Weight classes for Men are:

Weight classes for Women are:

Prizes - %100 cash payout per class.

Bonus: Mystery cash draw for 1st & 2nd place winners!

More Info at

Download Poster - 2014-ArmWrestling-Poster.pdf

Media Challenge - Go-Kart Race

For the firs


t time in the South East on the look-out for a Radio Media Challenge Go-Kart Race...

96.7 FM or 1250 AM or the new kid on the block, 107.7 FM
Out of their studio and on a racetrack we will test their skills and determination
Date: Thursday, July 3
Show time: 11 am till 12 noon
Where: Bumpers on 52

We are soooooo proud to have, for the first time, an olympian honorary guest.  Jocelyne Larocque, who was the first to score a goal, for the Canadian women's hockey team, in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.  She will launch the race in her own go-cart, followed by all the 14 go-karts carrying the Canadian Flag in honor of her. 

Thank you to Digital Ghost for the great work on this video.